Personal Shopping


Personal Shopping

PHILOSOPHY: When working with a client, my goal is to help them hone in on their personal style. It’s important to identify what fits their body type, their color palette, and their lifestyle. It’s also important to push the boundaries a bit and find new styles they wouldn’t normally gravitate to. Style, after all, is an evolution that should be fun and creative.


CONSULTATION: The first step is meeting with a client to discuss their needs, aspirations, and budget.

CLOSET OVERHAUL: Sometimes, it is best to start by editing what they already have so we can assess what to keep, donate, throw out, alter, or shop for.

SHOPPING: Can be done a few different ways. I can shop alone and bring the clothes to the client or, we can go together. In the latter case, I would have perused the appropriate stores in advance and set up a dressing room with clothes to try on.

VIRTUAL CLOSET: Once we have all we need, I will go through and pull it all together and create outfits. Then, I will photograph everything, upload it onto my website where each client will have private access to their individual virtual closet. This enables my clients to easily view what they have, and update new pieces that I can style remotely. It is perfect for clients who are on the road, live long distance or just want quick fashion advice.

TRAVEL: If a client is going on a trip and they don’t know what to pack, I can help facilitate that too.

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